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I a little confused about page 3. On Acidic Touch what does "d6 for d6" mean? 

Also, on page 4 it says "Anyone willing to make a sacrifice to the acid may take d2 chemical damage to cast an acid tribute for Presence DR8 or Toughness DR 12." I assume  you have to do this each time you use an acid tribute?


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I didn't realize the last word got cut off, it's supposed to be d6 turns. And the sacrifice is whenever you want the reduced cost or to cast via toughness

As in casting doesn't make you take damage, only willingly sacrificing health for the bonus does

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Got ya. Thanks for the clarification on both things. Will you be updating the PDF?

Also, thanks for making this one off. I am following you and will buy all that you create!

 I appreciate the support! And yup working on the fix right now, will be up in a little bi